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Miguel A. Rodriguez, MSW

Therapy = Poetry


About Miguel

Miguel Rodriguez is a 27 year-old Puerto Rican Filipino Bronx native who currently lives in Queens. At age 16 Miguel started to grow in his knowledge and skills as a community organizer where he committed himself to build new community projects that benefit low-income folks of color. Miguel studied Social Work at Lehman college where he obtained his Masters of Social Work (MSW) and SBIRT certification. Miguel proceeded to work for a non-profit agency as the Director of Counseling. Passionate about the helping profession, poetry, and traveling Miguel published his first poetry book entitled "Ways Of Being" which follows his journey through new seasons of his life. Miguel also provides one on one counseling services as well as diversity collective workshops that help to build the next generation of social justice leaders. In his free time Miguel has taken up backpacking and seeks to find new adventures and inspiration for his poetry. 



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